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RCS is seeking to partner with local professionals to perform repair services in retail stores, restaurants, and other commercial facilities in your area. RCS must have the form below completed and on-file for your company to be considered for future service requests.


Our goal is to continue building and strengthening relationships with the very best local service providers throughout the United States. We want to learn about the services that you provide and develop an agreed upon cost rate structure between RCS and your company for performing quality service in our customers service locations.


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All jobs are paid net 45 days from the time that we have properly received the following:1. Your invoice completed with the RCS job number listed, as description of work performed, and labor and materials breakdown including the agreed upon labor rate and trip charge and materials mark up. Your invoice amount must not exceed the DNE amount agreed upon and listed on your RCS work order/DNE page.2. Your completed RCS Sign Off sheet signed and stamped by the service location manager.


The independent Contractor (your company) is responsible for payment of any and all sales tax and any and all other fees that exceed your authorized “Do not exceed” amount listed on each RCS work order that will be issued to your company. Payment will not be issued without a completed W-9 form and a certificate of your General Liability and workers comp insurance on-file listing Retail Contracting Service as a certificate holder.The independent contractor (your company) shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Retail Contracting Service and its clients, officers, employees and agents from all claims, suits or actions of any nature arising from each and every job. Required: all independent contractors (your company) are representatives of Retail Contracting Service upon identifying themselves at each job location. Please call the store and schedule all work with the store manager prior to arrival on each service request. Please do not discuss pricing with the store staff and do not leave any paperwork at the service location. If additional costs are required on each work order you receive that exceed the listed Do Not Exceed amount you are required to contact RCS before the work is performed for additional approval. For each work order that you are issued by RCS, only repair what has been discussed and agreed upon in the work order. Service Location Managers and personnel are not authorized to order additional work or money. If additional work is requested or required, you must contact RCS for additional approval before proceeding with the additional repairs. Estimates are not billable unless RCS decides to pay for these services on a case by case basis and such agreements have been authorized by an RCS account manager.